The Greatest Story Ever Told.

For thousands of years, tales have been told of creatures who lived deep within the earth.  Many believed that these stories were fictional, and were there to teach a lesson or a moral.  In many cases, this is true, but there is always truth to these tales in same way.

One particular story is that of Beowulf.  In it, he defends the people from many atrocities of the deep, all of which are real, including danes, trolls, and dragons, that our men and women of the field team will experience daily on their way through the center of the earth.  My brother, Matthew Richard Taylor I, has devoted his life to the cinematic retelling of tales such as this.  In 2000, He took on the task of recounting the tale of Beowulf.  What I share with you today has never before been publicly shown in a venue such as this, and it is shared by many of us that the Science community at large be the first to experience it in its glory.  We do not claim it to be 100% accurate, but there are few in Hollywood that would dare to come as close to the truth as this.

With that, we present to you Beowulf: The Greatest Story Ever

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We thank you for your vigilance.

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  1. I thought this footage was lost in the caves on that fateful day back in August of ’03. It’s good to see that you have a team of adequate skill in your possesion, elsewise retrieval would not have been possible.

    With your permisson, I would like to commission the forming of a Chicago based team. I beleive we have the ability and desire for the Science that could be of great usefullness to you. And more importantly we have a lot of cool gear and time on our hands.

    The only thing we need is your accreditation.

    I’ve heard strange cries from out my window as of late. Tonight I intend to follow them to the source, which I beleive shall be some form of orifice into the ground.

    If you do not hear from me soon, do not come looking, begin mourning.

    Your Brother, Always.

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